From Piggy to His Aunt

29 August 1945

Piggy’s Aunt
London, England

Dear Auntie,

This is Piggy, I miss you! Our plane fell from the sky and I’m now on an isolated island and am waiting for rescue. This island is beautiful but full of unknown things. There are no adults with us so we have to take care of ourselves. I met a boy named Ralph and we found a conch. Ralph blew the conch to call the boys and he became the leader of us.

  The boys seem don’t like me very much and they call me Piggy. Especially Jack, he always makes fun of me and laugh at me. Ralph uses my glasses to light the fire and he said this is a signal fire in order to let people who travel around the island to see us. I feel proud of my glasses because they are so useful, even though I also cannot see anything without my glasses. I’m so afraid that if one day I lose them or someone breaks them when he is using it. I have to keep them well.

  I can see a hope to be rescued and be home soon in lighting the fire. I wish desirably that someone can find us by seeing the signal fire and take us back to ours homes. Mostly, I worry if Jack is capable of keeping the signal going. He does not seem to believe that we can be rescued because he only wants fire to cook or hunt. Jack puts all his attention into hunting instead of keeping the signal fire.




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